Fifth Dragon Book ll

Fifth Dragon - Rider Magic

White Raven’s return to Cumulos is fraught with danger even though her control of magic has improved. If she’s in a panic, of course, it’s still a crap-shoot as to whether she can remember any of the spells she needs. 
She visits a world where songbirds are shoulder-height and flowers are the size of cars – along with colossal, magic-sucking spyders, of course. An abduction by military pig men lands her in a dungeon where she decides the creatures would be less offensive if they’d brush their teeth – and trade military tunics for pants. 
Enter Cyril, an educated, condescending rat the size of a house dog who insists on being her familiar; but Raven finds it problematic to warm up to a bald, wrinkled rodent foolish enough to trade fur for magical tattoos.
Meanwhile, Dorian, now king of Altaria, is showing a new interest in her, something which would’ve given her palpitations before she met Valgren, Rider of Gaia, who exudes the cool scent of forests, rich earth, and the aroma of wild flowers. A master of magic, he guides Raven through mind-boggling enchantments.
An entertaining break from our stress-filled lives, this book is for grown-ups who still enjoy a delightful frolic through the realm of fantasy.

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