b. 1986, HK.


Books by d kane:

Fifth Dragon - Cumulos Capers
Fifth Dragon - Rider Magic
Fifth Dragon - Tempest
Light Sleepers


Hi. I’m Deborah Kane. Born in 1953, I grew up in rural Alberta, Canada. Unusual experiences throughout my life induced me to become a writer.

My grandmother, who lived with us for a time when I was a child, experienced paranormal activities on a regular basis. Some of her encounters kept her awake nights. My mother had her share of precognitive dreams but didn’t take much interest, and my father was saved from certain death on a number of occasions by strange forewarnings. It seems my genetics gave me a double-whammy. As a child, I didn’t think much of it. After all, it was normal, wasn’t it?

The ranches where I grew up supported horses, cattle, dogs, cats, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and other denizens of Nature. They were all just outside my door, and like all ranch kids, I learned early on that if I wanted to live, I had to watch out for myself.

Real life adventures combined with UFO sightings and experiences, poltergeist activities, precognitive dreams, and strange synchronicities made for an exciting and probably odd childhood. I spent lots of my free time alone with my horses and the ranch pets. To this day, children and animals gravitate towards me, which seems odd since I don’t consider myself to be the “motherly” type.

I started my first novel at age twelve when I penciled a bunch of pages about Tarzan and his jungle experiences. My family moved right about then, so my story was lost. I didn’t forget it though. I always knew I was a writer.

I studied every day of my adult life and decided to start writing seriously before I was 50 years old. I hoped by then to have enough knowledge and life experience to write something worth reading. My studies included just about anything you can imagine. I started by comparing religious beliefs, then went into psychology, parapsychology, hard science, biology, astronomy, cosmology – the list is endless. I even learned to be a pretty good horse trainer.

I started writing with intent to publish at age 53. The action seems to have opened a floodgate because, by 60, I’d written three humorous fantasy books, two sci-fi books (700 pages each), a fictional story about shamanism that came out of nowhere, more than 20 Christmas stories, and dozens of short stories all while working full time.

Since I seemed committed to this writing thing, I left my day job in 2015 and focussed on polishing my completed books and learning what I needed to know about publishing. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I love spending days in front of my computer immersed in creating stories or looking after my growing social media accounts and learning about marketing.

My books are fictional, but each contains bits of experiences that have come my way. Paranormal events combined with a childhood spent in Nature have provided me with a lifetime of ideas. The world is far stranger and more fantastic than most have ever imagined.

When people finish my books, I hope they look out a window and go, “Hmm...”