LIGHT SLEEPERS packs a powerful punch and has an unusual flavour. Following is a brief synopsis:

A young woman’s developing paranormal abilities threaten a powerful and mysterious shadow organization that has controlled humanity for thousands of years. Disturbed and confused by dreams of being taken in the night, she becomes aware of the organization and its agenda. She’s contacted by a man with astounding knowledge and a suspicious willingness to help her for reasons shrouded in the distant past.

They learn that a number of alien species have their own agendas with regards to humanity. Reptilian survivors of a war gone wrong millennia ago have an ancient connection to humanity and to Beings of Light, both of which return to earth in the twenty-first century. Our heroes need to protect themselves from alien interference while attempting to understand accelerating genetic changes caused by sporadic interference by someone in the past.

 The shadow organization, excluded from the changes, will do anything to keep from being left behind. Murder and manipulation are their weapons of choice.

This opus is fueled by forty-five years of paranormal experience and research.  Its primary purpose is to entertain and to stretch our imaginative boundaries. A mixture of metaphysics and science, humour and adventure, it will provide great entertainment on a long weekend – but you might want to keep the lights on . . .