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The Fifth Dragon Series

The Fifth Dragon books are a romp through worlds of imagination. In my view, fantasy fiction should be fun - so mine is! Enjoy!




This book was published in January. 2017!

This image graces the cover of the first book in the Fifth Dragon series. Kudos to the incredible Renee Robyn for the fantastic imagery! The book is available at all the regular outlets including e-books!


I wrote these humorous adventures for those of us who still harbour a love of magic from childhood tales where anything could happen. White Raven, the main character of the Fifth Dragon series is a young woman who stumbles through the process of learning to use her magical abilities. Growing up in the North American non-magical world wasn't conducive to figuring it all out.

One day she's rescued from personal incompetence by gorgeous Prince Dorian of the magical realm of Altaria. Which was wonderful - until she met one of the Riders of Gaia. Take a look at the second image for a peek at that guy! 

While scrambling to save the world from an evil mage, she gets thrown onto the back of a flying dragon who's proud of his eight-inch canines. 

These books are funny, magical, and a bit romantic. I like to take a quick dip into one when I've had a tough day. They make me smile.



FIFTH DRAGON:               rider magic, book II

This book was published June 10, 2017!

The second book in the Fifth Dragon series was just published. Many thanks to Tellwell Talent for their work on getting it out. Big thank yous to Renee Robyn for her wonderful cover art and Thomas Gunter for modeling!


White Raven’s return to the realm of the magic crystal castle is fraught with danger – magic-sucking spyders, fat military pig-men, and a dragon who remembers when humans were food. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if vultures were the size of pterodactyls or if dragons could talk?

Raven’s magic has improved to the point that it's sometimes reliable (unless she’s in a panic). Then it’s all bets are off. One of her challenges is to accept the presence of a tattooed rat the size of a house dog who's convinced he should be her mentor. But it’s difficult to warm up to a wrinkly, bald rat dumb enough to trade warm fur for tattoos.

Dorian, now king of Altaria is being pressured to take a royal wife, a position she’d have considered a few months earlier. But she’s met Valgren, Rider of Gaia whose exudes the cool scent of forests, rich earth, and the aroma of wild flowers, who opens her awareness to the Being that is Gaia. He mentors and leads her into a realization of the depths of her magical talent.

This is a fun frolic for those of us who remember the magical worlds of our childhood.

fifth dragon:               tempest            book III

Ihis book was published October 19, 2017

The third book in this series was recently published. Many thanks to Tellwell Talent for their work. A big thank you to Renee Robyn at reneerobynphotography.com for the fantastic cover art and to Brandy Lauren for modeling.!


King Dorian invites White Raven and dark mage, Talon to Odenai Castle to investigate an invasion of dark-magic slugs, but Talon’s treatment, a marijuana smudge, has side effects he doesn’t expect. Raven’s suggestion is to dip the cloud island of Cumulos into the salty Pacific Ocean which, in theory, is a great idea.

Dorian and Raven, along with head mage, Angus, have a memorable encounter high in a forest village as they attempt to rescue a dragon who’s doing quite well on his own, thank you. A trip to Gaia’s underworld with one of the gorgeous Riders of Gaia is more to her liking until Raven discovers they’re looking for giant spyders.

All this has Raven ready to return to her safe apartment in Denver but, once there, she and doll-sized Scarlet discover the city is no deterrent to evil mages. Barely inches ahead of a hurtling sub-way train, Raven questions her love of magic. Tired of looking over her shoulder, she makes a dangerous attempt to rid the world of the evil mage, his entourage of pig men, and the wicked witch, Nightshade.

A wonderful rainy-day read, this book is chock filled with White Raven’s rollicking and sometimes romantic adventures in her captivating world of magic.