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From D Kane - Greetings

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Photo Courtesy

 I'm more at home in a Microsoft Word program than I am in creating a website, so please ignore slip-ups in my fledgling technical expertise.

This blog space of the site will include short stories as well as updates on the books I've been writing. 

You'll find Metaphysical Fiction that explores deep questions, Fun Fantasy for those who need a break from violence, and a number of children's Christmas stories with a metaphysical flair. Don't know how all this came about, but I'm told it's past time for this stuff to be published for the public to kick around and consider.

Although I have four books completed and more on the way, I've only recently chosen a publishing company. I'm grateful that Tellwell is helping guide me through the self-publishing process.

So this website is a work in progress.  Meanwhile, enjoy my short stories. When I review my material, I can't believe all the stuff that's happened to me over the years. Some have involved physical danger, others have been, well . . . more out-of-this-world - on many levels.

Namaste, and G'Day Mate from Yuna!


D Kane