Fifth Dragon - Book lll

Fifth Dragon - Tempest

King Dorian invites White Raven and dark mage, Talon, to Odenai Castle to investigate an invasion of dark-magic slugs. Talon's treatment, a marijuana smudge, has side effects he doesn't expect. Raven's suggestion is to dip the cloud island of Cumulos into the salty Pacific Ocean which, in theory, is a great idea. 
Raven has unexpected and memorable encounter high in a forest village during an attempt to rescue a dragon. It turns out said dragon was doing quite well on his own, thank you. A trip to Gaia's underworld with one of the gorgeous Riders of Gaia is more to her liking – until she discovers they're looking for giant spyders.
All this has Raven ready to return to her safe apartment in Denver, but she and doll-sized Scarlet discover the city is no deterrent to evil mages. Tired of looking over her shoulder, she makes a dangerous attempt to rid the world of the evil mage, his entourage of pig men, and the wicked witch, Nightshade.
A wonderful rainy-day read, this book is chock filled with White Raven's rollicking and sometimes romantic adventures in her captivating world of magic.

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